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Choosing the right Earphones/Headphones

Buying new earphones can be an overwhelming process. With thousands of options, all claiming to be the best, it can be hard to wade through the clutter to find the best pair for you. The main decisions you need to make are what form you want (earphones vs. headphones), and what additional features may be important to you.

Verbatim Earphones

Great sound, no hassle. Verbatim earphones provide the ultimate in comfort and quality. Featuring a flat cable design to eliminate tangles, each set of Verbatim earphones also comes with 3 sets of interchangeable earbuds (S,M,L) – for a comfortable fit without the worry of the earbuds slipping out. In addition to assuring a snug fit, the soft, pliable material of the earbuds reduces ambient noise, leaving you with clear, crisp, sound. Every track, every time.

Clear, crisp sound. Tangle-free flat cable design. 3 Interchangeable eartips included – S, M, L.


Earbuds, Canalphones and Over-the-Ear Earphones

Earphones, just as the name implies, go into your ear itself. Within the category, there are several different types: earbuds, canalphones, and over-the-ear earphones. In general, earphones tend to be more portable and better for travel or exercise.

Earbuds are probably the most recognizable type of earphones. This type of earphone is often included with a smartphone or mp3 player purchase. Designed to rest in the bowl of your ear they are small and highly portable, of the different types of earphones, they typically provide the least noise isolation.

Canalphones are designed to fit in the ear canal and typically feature a small, soft eartip to fit over the speaker. Because they fit inside the ear canal, canalphones generally provide better noise isolation than earphones. Look for canalphone-style earphones that feature a variety of eartip sizes for maximum comfort and optimum fit.

Over-the-ear earphones are the final style of earphones, and they can be either canalphones or earbuds. Featuring an attached piece that hooks over the outside of the ear, these earphones are popular for exercising or running.

Designed to rest in ear, or fit in ear canal. Small, lightweight – ideal for travel or exercise. Varying degrees of noise isolation.


Earpad and Full-size

In contrast to earphones, headphones are designed to rest on the exterior of the ear vs. fitting inside the ear. Headphones typically involve a ‘head band’ that connects the two speakers and rests on top of the head.

Earpad, or on-ear headphones are the smaller form of headphones, and thus more portable. They are generally lightweight, and because they don’t fully cover the ear, your ears don’t get as hot as with full-size headphones. However, because earpad headphones do not fully enclose the ear, they can be prone to noise leakage.

Full-size headphones generally have the best sound quality of all earphones and headphones due to the design that fully encloses the ear, providing the best noise isolation and allowing for larger, more precise speakers. Full-size headphones can be somewhat bulky, and are generally best for studio or home use vs. travel or exercise applications.

Designed to rest on outside of ear. Varying degrees of noise isolation. Ideal for studio or home use.

Features to Consider

Media Controls

Some earphones, like the Verbatim Listen and Talk Earphones, include media controls. Typically found in-line (on the cable) or on the earphones themselves, these controls allow you to play, pause, skip tracks, and adjust the volume of your music. They may also contain a microphone for answering phone calls when used with your smartphone. If you plan on using your earphones with your smartphone, consider a pair with media controls.


If having cables bothers you, wireless earphones are a good option. Most wireless earphones now operate via Bluetooth, so you must have a Bluetooth compatible device. Wireless earphones often have media controls on the earphone, replacing in-line controls, making your experience truly cable-free. However, they do require batteries or recharging, and the sound quality may suffer from file compression.

Cable Design

When shopping for wired earphones, you’ll want to consider the cable length as well as the design. A cable that is 2 inches probably won’t do you much good, but depending on your needs, a 10-foot cable may be overkill. Think about where/how you will be using the earphones to determine the best cable length for you.

When looking at earphone cables, the other consideration is the design of the cable itself. As with any cabled device – tangling is always a concern. Verbatim earphones are designed with flat cables to help eliminate tangles.

Verbatim Tangle-Free Earphones

Verbatim Listen & Talk Earphones

Earphone Style
Canalphones Canalphones

Interchangeable tips included?
Yes Yes

Inline Media Controls?
No Yes

Tangle-free cable?
Yes Yes

Driver Diameter
9mm 10mm

20Ω (ohms) 32Ω (ohms)

Frequency Response
5~22,000 Hz 20~22,000 Hz

Cable Length
4.3 ft. (1.31m) 4.7 ft. (1.43m)



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