UP Board Solutions for Class 11 English Grammar Chapter 1 Direct and Indirect Narration

In this chapter, we provide UP Board Solutions for Class 11 English Grammar Chapter 1 Direct and Indirect Narration, Which will very helpful for every student in their exams. Students can download the latest UP Board Solutions for Class 11 English Grammar Chapter 1 Direct and Indirect Narration pdf, free UP Board Solutions Class 11 English Grammar Chapter 1 Direct and Indirect Narration book pdf download. Now you will get step by step solution to each question. Up board solutions Class 11 English पीडीऍफ़

UP Board Solutions for Class 11 English Grammar Chapter 1 Direct and Indirect Narration


Exercise 1

1. My mother says that she has become very old.
2. The teacher tells me that I am a good student.
3. Gita will say that she will not go to her school that day
4. Lipika will tell me that she is my true friend.
5. They said that they were the citizens of India.
6. The leader is saying that he will make our city beautiful.
7. You told your father that you would go for a walk daily.
8. The teacher said that that student never came to school in time.
9. I told them that they should not fear from me.
10. Ramesh told me that honesty is the best policy.
11. The student told the teacher that he could not come to him in the evening.
12. He told me that he would lend me his book only for five days.

Exercise 2

1. The boy told Mahmood that the kite had gone.
2. The old man told his son that he should have another kite.
3. Shatakshi told her husband that that day she would prepare good sweets for him.
4. The teacher told the boys that they should learn their lesson daily.
5. The President will say that India will be a very powerful country soon.
6. The teacher told the guardian that his son did not attend his class daily.
7. The manager told the clerk that he had not finished his work the previous day.
8. The peon told his boss that he was very thankful to him for his favour.
9. The judge told the prisoner that he could not forgive him that time.
10. The players are saying that they do not accept that man as the captain of their team.

Exercise 3

1. Pramod said that it was very hot but the cooler was out of order.
2. He said that the noise of passing vehicles distracted his attention.
3. He said that it was not so cold that day as it was the previous day.
4. The school boy said that he had tried to do the sum many times but he hadn’t got the correct solution till then.
5. The electrician said that the fuse had blown and he would have to mend that.
6. My neighbour said that some burglars had broken into his house the previous night and had taken away all the cash and ornaments.
7. The Inspector of Schools said that the Minister of Education would be inaugurating the Youth Rally that day.
8. The student said that he was intending to opt History, but he had then decided to study political science instead.
9. The girl said that she had been waiting for a message from home since the previous evening and it might arrive any moment
10. The principal told the parents that if their son secured high percentage of marks that year, he could sit for the Talent Search Examination next year.

Exercise 4

1. The booking clerk asked if he had a fifty paisa coin.
2. He asked me if I would go to Delhi that day with him.
3. The students asked me if I could tell them the easiest way to solve that sum.
4. The frogs asked the boys were they not ashamed of throwing stones at them.
5. My friend asked if I went for a walk daily in the morning.
6. My teacher asked me did I not see the Taj in Agra last year.
7. My mother asked me if would serve her in her old age.
8. The criminal asked the police officer if he would not pardon him for his offence.
9. A stranger asked me if my mother was cooking food in the kitchen.
10. A passenger asked the station master if the train for Delhi had not arrived then.
11. The teacher asked me if I could prove that the earth is round.
12. I asked my friend if he had brought his class notes there.

Exercise 5

1. My mother asked me why I was reading a novel.
2. The beggar asked me why I didn’t help him.
3. I asked the man why he did not bring fresh vegetables.
4. Your friend asked me which serial did I see the previous night.
5. Bharat asked his mother where his elder brother had gone.
6. The principal asked the peon why he came late everyday.
7. The players asked the captain when would he allow their team to play.
8. My father asked me which book I liked most.
9. The magician asked what they had in their pockets.
10. The policeman asked the thief how had he entered that house.
11. She asked when the milkman came everyday.
12. I asked the receptionist how much did he charge for a single room per day.

Exercise 6

1. The fox requested the crow to sing him a song.
2. The teacher asked the boys to sit down and do their work.
3. The master ordered the servant to go to the market and bring some oil.
4. The teacher asked the students not to make a noise in the class.
5. All people advise never to tell a lie.
6. The teacher advised Ram to work.hard and do his best.
7. The commander commanded the soldiers to go ahead and face the enemy bravely.
8. The thief requested the policeman to excuse him that time for his offence.
9. The invigilator asked the students to stop writing and deposit their answer books at once.
10. The students requested the class teacher to mark them present that day and punish them if they were late again.

Exercise 7

1. The patient requested to let him take some water first.
2. The judge asked to let him hear his case patiently.
3. The students proposed that they should enjoy their holidays freely.
4. I proposed to my friend to study English jointly.
5. The people suggested that they should pray to God for peace in the country.
6. The two cats proposed to the monkey that they should settle their dispute themselves.
7. Sunil requested his teacher to let him go home and take rest for some time.
8. The doctor advised to let that woman weep as much as she could.
9. Socrates requested to let him die like a brave man.
10. Sarla proposed to let her do what she liked.
11. All the students said that they should finish their work as soon as possible.
12. Prem requested his mother to let him stay in the house till father returned.

Exercise 8

1. The spectators applauded that he/she had broken the previous records.
2. The girl exclaimed with joy that the rainbow was very beautiful.
3. The captain praised him saying that he had done very well.
4. She exclaimed with joy that she had seen a very lovely bird.
5. My friend told me with joy that I had been very fortunate.
6. The children cried with unhappiness that they were too young to go alone.
7. A student exclaimed with regret that that paper was very difficult.
8. The travellers exclaimed with caution that all of them were in danger.
9. The labourers exclaimed with regret that they could not pull on in so small wages.
10. He exclaimed with joy that he had topped the list.

Exercise 9

1. My aunt wished me that God might bless me with a son.
2. The saint prayed that God might pardon his sins.
3. The teacher bade the principal good morning respectfully.
4. My friend wished me that I might be selected in CPMT that year.
5. The beggar cursed that he might never get peace in his life.
6. My grandfather wished for me that I might be a great man one day.
7. They prayed that God might grant him a long life.
8. My friend wished that I might get married soon.
9. He pray that God might help him.
10. He cursed the cruel villain a thousand times.

Exercise 10

1. The teacher asked the boy to take the broom and sweep the room.
2. I asked my friend how he was. He answered that he was not in hilarious spirits.
3. Mahmood told the child that he had still to learn how to fly a kite properly.
4. The traveller told the mosquito that he had interested him and he had entertained him.
5. Lucy asked how he knew which were the beautiful things.
6. The man asked what was to be done with that and were there no fields in heaven where it might be sent to roam.
7. Mohini prayed that God might pardon his sins.
8. The people of India wished for the long life of Indian Republic.
9. The patient exclaimed with dismay to God to save him from that terrible pain.
10. She bade her friend good bye and wished that he might prosper day by day.
11. Yama told the princess that he granted her that boon but he could not grant her any more.
12. The magician said that he was going to show them a very interesting trick and requested them to sit quietly for a few minutes.

Exercise 11

1. An old man said to his sons, “Do not quarrel among yourselves.”
2. I said to the postman, “Do you have any letter for me?”
3. A saint said to me, “May God grant you a long life!”
4. The players said, “Hurrah ! We have won the match.”
5. He said to us, “Let us return home.”
6. He said, “How costly the cloth is !”
7. The leader said to the people, “I thank you for all your help. I could not win the election without your help.”
8. The teacher said to Moti, “Leave the classroom at once and do not return.”
9. The doctor said to me, “You are suffering from fever. You must be very careful in taking medicines.”
10. The principal said, “Boys, are you fully prepared for the examination?”

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