UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English Grammar The Verb : Kinds

In this chapter, we provide UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English Grammar The Verb : Kinds, Which will very helpful for every student in their exams. Students can download the latest UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English Grammar The Verb : Kinds pdf, free UP Board Solutions Class 10 English Grammar The Verb : Kinds book pdf download. Now you will get step by step solution to each question. Up board solutions Class 10 English पीडीऍफ़

BoardUP Board
ClassClass 10
ChapterEnglish Grammar
Chapter NameThe Verb : Kinds
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UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English Grammar The Verb : Kinds

Exercise 1

Intransitive Verbs : 1. blows, 6. was hanging, 7. change, 8. became, 9. is, 12. roared, 13. went, 15. is sleeping.
Transitive Verbs : 2. polish, 3. shot, 4. stopped, 5. builds, 10. signed, 11. know, 14. gave.
Object Complement : 8. happy

Exercise 2

Indirect Object Direct Object
1. me, 2. Ram, 3. me, 4. me, 5. Mohan, 6. me, 7. his friends, 8. you, 9. me, 10. me.1. toys, 2. money, 3. a long letter, 4. letter, 5. a present, 6. news, 7. message, 8. money, 9. a prosperous life, 10. a favour.

Exercise 3

  1. He taught him a lesson.
  2. My grandmother told me a good joke.
  3. The manager granted him leave.
  4. They offered me coffee.
  5. My father brings fruits for me.
  6. He found him absent.
  7. He paid his dues.
  8. They asked me my problem.
  9. I have sent him a message.
  10. Will you lend me your book ?

Exercise 4

  1. They promised their support to me.
  2. He lent his book to me.
  3. He offered his help to me.
  4. He passed the next player the ball.
  5. The officer granted leave to him.
  6. Will you make a cup of tea for me ?
  7. Mohan sold me his car.
  8. He mixed cocktail for us.
  9. He owes Rs 500 to me.
  10. She cooked us food.
  11. He gave a chance to me.
  12. He does not owe anything to me.
  13. He did a favor to us.
  14. She cooked food for me.
  15. I encashed him the cheque.

Exercise 5

  1. Ram is a teacher.
  2. They are dejected.
  3. The book is on the table.
  4. He is sad.
  5. You are a doctor.
  6. She was punished.
  7. The news was false.
  8. It is dark.
  9. She is pale.
  10. His condition is better.

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