Shanti A1 Fat tyre Folding Bike Dual Suspension Unisex Bike with 26X4 INCH Wheels and with 21 Speed Gears 26 T Fat Tyre Cycle (21 Shimano Gear, White) | Best Bicycle in India

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Product Description

Foldable CycleFoldable Cycle

This bicycles typically feature a frame that is designed to fold or hinge in some way. The frame can be made from various materials like aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber, with a focus on being lightweight and durable. The folding mechanism can vary, but common designs include a mid-fold or a triangular hinge near the center of the frame.

Foldable CycleFoldable Cycle

Foldable CycleFoldable Cycle

Foldable CycleFoldable Cycle

Dual disc brake cycles usually come with standard-sized wheels that can vary in size depending on the type of bicycle. Common wheel sizes include 26 inches for mountain bikes.The wheels are equipped with hubs designed to accommodate disc brakes.

Bicycles equipped with 26-inch fat tires are often referred to as “fat bikes.” These bikes are designed for off-road adventures, including snow biking, sand riding, trail riding, and even bikepacking. They are particularly well-suited for environments where standard mountain bike tires might struggle due to soft or slippery surfaces.

The suspension fork is the primary feature that sets this type of bicycle apart. It is attached to the front of the frame and consists of fork legs, a crown, and stanchions. The suspension system within the fork includes springs (either coil or air) and dampers (shock absorbers). The fork compresses and rebounds to absorb impacts and maintain traction on rough terrain.

Foldable CycleFoldable Cycle

Foldable bicycles are a versatile solution for people who need a convenient and space-saving transportation option. They are well-suited for urban commuting, recreational rides, and travel, allowing riders to enjoy the benefits of cycling without the limitations of storage space.

Foldable CycleFoldable Cycle

👉Front & Rear Disk Brakes, 160 mm Disk,
👉Highest Quality Components and Top-Notch Paint Quality
👉Additional Features: ▪ lightweight -Easy To Carry In Cars ▪Breaks- Front Disk Brakes & Rear Disk Brakes ▪ Suspension -Front & Rear Suspension ▪Adjustable Saddle Height ,Attractive & Comfortable Handlebar
👉The cycle is delivered in Semi-Assembled Condition [90% assembled]
👉Ideal For: 14+ Years , Minimum Rider Height: 5FT Maximum Rider Height: 6FT
👉Tyre size 26*4T


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