MemoTech Ortho Memory Charcoal Foam Mattress | Dual Side Hard and Soft | 3-Zone Memory Topper + Responsive Charcoal + High Resilience Foam (72x30x5) Single Bed Mattress | Best Mattress in India

Price: ₹10,249 - ₹3,853.00
(as of Nov 05, 2023 15:08:49 UTC – Details)

Feather Sleep Mattress

  • Material Type: Next gen cool gel body adaptable foam, Pressure relieving gel foam, virgin ortho foam, 3-Zone Memory Topper foam
  • Cover Material: Breathable premium viscose fabric
  • Warranty: 7 years manufacturer warranty
  • The dual feel reversible mattress with pressure relieving gel foam features multiple layers to provide zero motion transfer and optimal support.
  • The core layer of mattress features virgin ortho foam to provide support and firmness.
  • The 7-zone high resilience foam with micro air channels circulates out air through all the layers and blends with your body temperature.
  • Next-gen cool gel body adaptable foam provide you multiple level of comfort perfect for side, back and stomach sleepers.

Open Cell Charcoal Foam for air-circulation keeping mattress fresh This Mattress Features A Plush, Medium Firm Surface That Leaves You Floating On A Cloud, The Bottom Offers A Firm Mattress Support. Perfectly Contour Your Body. Say Goodbye To Back Pain.
High resilience foam for pressure point ease
Dual comfort choice Firm for superior body support An Innovative And Intelligent Foam Technology That Smartly Adapts To Any Body Shape Seamlessly Providing Personalized Comfort And Orthopedic Support Based On Each Body’S Weight, Height And Sleep Position.
Premium Soft knitted fabric for plush surface feel & This Product comes with 7 years warranty

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